Azemmour, historic city
Azemmour is rooted in the ancient town of Azam, city occupied by the Phoenicians before falling in the hands of the Carthaginians and Romans.

Azemmour, hometown Estevanico
Estevanico said Mustapha al-Azemmour originates Azemmour, who lived from 1503 to 1539.

It's mentioned in various archives expeditionary 16th century under the names of Stephen Black, Stephen the Moor or Stephane Petit-time slave in the expedition of Spanish explorer.

The expedition
Estevanico traveled with Dorantes to Hispaniola and Cuba in the ill-fated expedition of Panfilo de Narváez in 1527 to conquer Florida.
He became the first Moroccan African set foot on what is now the United States of America. The expedition members perished, either drowned or starved, or killed by aborigines except Estevanico, Andrés Dorantes de Carranza, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, and Alonso del Castillo Maldonado. The four survivors spent eight years with the Indians of North America before coming to join their compatriots in the region of Sinaloa in New Spain by crossing the Sonoran desert.

In 1539, Estevanico was once one of four to accompany Fray Marcos de Niza in time to guide the search of the fabled cities of gold. However, other Estevanico contracted an illness and was the only one to continue, paving the way for what is now New Mexico and Arizona.
He was killed by the Zuni to Háwikuh who distrusted him particularly because of his gourd filled with feathers of an owl, a bird symbolizing death to the Zuni.
Azemmour, historic city

This city has experienced the presence of the Carthaginians and Romans. But it was the Portuguese who, in the 16th century, have left a lasting imprint of their occupation with ocher walls, their massive doors, its stronghold (Dar el Baroud) whose ruins are dominated by a large tower with a Gothic window.

The bridge over the wadi, we have an overview of the kasbah - fortress and the white houses of Azemmour nestling against each other. With its proximity to the new station "Mazagan Beach Resort Azemmour is becoming a major destination on the Atlantic coast.

A rich history: Azemmour was an important city of Morocco since it hit the bank! Many relics left by the Carthaginian, Portuguese and Arabic authentic medina you will find out what happened.

Holy City, too, where pilgrims flock from all over Morocco to visit his three saints: Moulay Bouchaib Erredad, Lalla Aicha Bahria and Sidi Ouadoud the patron saint of potters. Not to mention the holy Judaic Rabbi Abraham Moul Niss. His tomb when it crosses down the alleyways of the medina toward the footpath along the Wadi Umm Rbia. It is a rocky crevice within which are placed a few benches, beautiful stone inscriptions ...

Busy streets and traditional shops Azemmour make a pleasant little town away from mass tourism. To discover the large weekly market on Tuesday.

In summer you can enjoy the beach of El Haouzia or "Azemmour beach, equipped, guarded, very lively and stretching for several kilometers. Spot referenced surfing, body boarding and kite surfing (surfing champion Kelly Slater and 2009 world champion of kitesurfing race, Bruno Sroka were offered sessions on the waves of this spot).

Two 18-hole golf courses within 7 miles: the Royal Golf El Jadida Pullman and the new Gary Player Mazagan Beach Resort. For players, the largest casino in North Africa is located 3 km away!

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