Oualidia, the pearl of the atlantic (Blue Flag)
Seventy six kilomters south of El Jadida, this city was founded by Saâdi who gave the city its name. Oualidia is known for its oysters, its hunting reserves (wild boars in March and April) and its seaside resorts with its white houses surrounding the lagoon.

A charming seaside resort and a peaceful fishing village between the ocean and lagoon (with oyster farms) and between El Jadida and Safi, Oualidia is a very popular summer vacation destination and a must see for lovers of fish and shelfish.

Oualidia is a wonderful nature spot, with a beautiful cove beach protected from the ocean by a strip of islets. One can swim in the calm waters of the lagoon as well as surf the waves at the entrance to the cove.

Bird watchers have the opportunity to admire flamingos, gulls, godwits and stilts.

To observe other species, make your way toward the lagoons, along the flow of the water currents and salt lakes, which begin north on the side of Sidi Moussa. There you will find the ideal spot to appreciate cormorants, ducks, seagulls, and wading birds...
The beach itself is spread out over three kilometres and offers a sublime view of the retreating ocean, leaving you to admire the immensity of the sand underneath the water that swims between two hills.
It is the low tide that reveals the lagoon’s treasures. When the ocean retreats, around 5 meters wide and 2 meters deep of green plant islets appear in the middle of the channel.
The ocean forms a lagoon where relaxation and serenity are assured. This area is a dream for those who want to decompress, find themselves and come in contact with a hospitable population while staying close to nature.
For seafood, we propose you sample the fresh fish, which can be grilled right on the beach or delivered to your residence.
You can also disover the local cuisine at various small restaurants or shop at the market on Saturday.

Oyster farming, practiced locally, has made the area famous for its oysters. "They are the best in the world", assure the locals with pride. People come from far away on the weekends to eat lobsters and crayfish as well as goatfish, sea bream, turbot, bass and other fish brought in by local fishermen.

The Spas
The hotels in Oualidia offer everything for total relaxation and well being: interior heated pool, Jacuzzis, spas, jet showers, hammams, massage rooms, beauty parlors, fitness and cardio gyms and relaxation spaces. And don’t forget the massage rooms and salt water jacuzzis surrounding the pool. These hotels also offer facials, exfoliation, manicures, pedicures and waxing.

Apitherapy : A first for Morocco
What gives Oualidia character and personality and makes it a truly unique location in Morocco, without question, is the center where one can undertake Apitherapy treatments.
Apitherapy, which occupies an important place among other alternative therapies and has been proven to demonstrate theraputic properties, is a thousand year old science.
The treatment consists of using bee products as well as honey from the hive (for its antibiotic and disinfecting properties), jelly, pollen, wax, propolis and bee venom – all for medical purposes.

Hunting and Water Sports
Oualidia remains an exceptional site for jet-skiers, windsurfers and off road bikers. A true vacation treat.
Other periods throughout the year, it is hunting which brings the visitor into the area, particularly to the forest.

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